Thursday, September 30, 2010

the south

I am writing this from a cafe, so if you're all wondering where I've been....I've been in Georgia for a little over two weeks now.

BUT I have no internet...boooo. We just so happen to live outside of many internet providers limits in the Atlanta  area.

it's been rough...I take that back not having internet at every waking moment has been rough. But everything else has been great....awesome really. I'm slowly getting to know the area, and my friends friends. It was pretty awesome to come here and be anticipated. Everyone practically knew who I was! That was a good feeling.

I still don't have alot of furniture, so drawing and sewing are out of the question at the moment. I know alot of people were anticipating my debut....that I keep pushing back.'s being pushed back till spring...again (I'm not excited about this fact, I was very pumped to get a line but I guess I just gotta put it up to circumstance right now...oh well)

There will be periodic updates until we get internet at the house which will hopefully be in a few months. During this time I will be drawing and I'll try to post those updates when I can.

I love you all and thanks for sticking with me during my absence, and shoot maybe cutting myself off cold turkey from the internet will help me a bit....though I will sadly admit I feel creatively cut off as well...but I'll get through it!!!

Till next time suckas


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Uhm hi blog, how are you?

I am doing well. Sorry I haven't written in you for a while...I've been busy...and really hot. It's been hot outside and that makes me very distracted.

Friends! I'm moving in 5 days! 5 days! What the heck that came up way faster than I expected. Am I excited? Hell yes.

I've been quilting lately, because well I need something to pass the time, and it's been very time consuming. Why didn't anyone tell me this before? I was fairly ambitious, even after I eliminated some aspects of the quilt (like the appliqué...side note, google chrome just marked appliqué wrong because it didn't have the accent...all...right.) and it still took me 2 days to make all the squares...make that 4 days.

The quilt is a full size bed spread and I had to make 56 (well actually 50...I made 6 extra on accident!). I didn't have a lot of the quintessential quilting tools. Like the large cutting square (one that was 12x12...I really needed that!) a walking foot (it's ok I don't have enough room to do the proper quilting so I'm going to wait till I get to Georgia) and I so intelligently gave away my cutting mat!! But it's okay because, Walmart sells the huge mat for like 20 bucks which is so so cheap I'll probably get 2!

All in all this quilt is fun, I just hope it turns out decent...that's all I ask!

Back to moving....I'll admit I'm kinda nervous about the drive. It's about 2500 miles and I'm doing it by myself (with my turtles of course) and it's about 24+ hours of just driving. I'm confident that Kia will make it...I just have to get my wits about me. I'm pretty sure on the 7th I might panic a little but that's just my nature. I booked my first motel in Tuscon last night (one that got specific reviews about lone female travelers...God speaking to me? I think so). One surprise that made me knock myself on the head....I get to go to New Orleans! Heck yeah! French Quarter here I come. Sad side note....another oil spill? If I can see it I'll take photos..I  was really hoping that the water would be clean.

Things I'm excited for when I move:

Mississippi River...and other rivers
the the water really warm?! Unbelievable
Southern food in moderation
and of course my friends!!!

Also, obviously my 365 drawings are on hiatus due to the fact that I'm super busy and I am soon to have no internet or a scanner :-(, but I'll try and post pics along the way of my adventure across the U.S!

And these are for Emily, progress of the quilt!

Sorry I couldn't get the whole thing in there...I could only get so far back and I'm short

Well till next time suckas!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

21 days

21 days till I move....still no printer or camera...LAAAAME.

My little brother (by 5 years and 4 months..aka 6 years) went off to USC today. It was weird, because my brother and I have already left. First me, then my for 5 years my little brother was by himself. Then I graduate from college and my brother gets out of the army at the same time (well...6 months give or take) and we're both back at home. So I'm sure he was bombarded.

So it was odd seeing him leave, I never had to go through a sibling leaving because well I'm the oldest. I'm always leaving. My brother and I ended up in room, marveling at the cleanliness and how he wasn't there. We grabbed some random change off his desk and that was it.

Have fun at USC Corey...don't get crazy!

Now that he's gone it marks exactly 3 weeks until I leave. I know and hope it'll go by fast. Yes I am little nervous about driving, so people...gimme a ring. Yes I will have a headset, I do not drive and talk with the phone in my hands...I already have slightly poor depth perception, I don't need to add to that.

Because really I'm going to be bored (especially going through Texas...what's so great about that state again?)

Sorry, I'll try not to forget to post like I have for the past few days. I'll at least try to do once a week till I can start posting pictures up lame

Till  next time suckas


Saturday, August 14, 2010

yes, i'm still here

Guess what! I got all my clothes and fabric packed!! Wahooooo! It was an intense two days...I was planning on posting but my bed was covered with clothes or fabric. Lame. Also very lame...our printer now I can't scan my drawings AND I left my camera in my friends car so I can't take pictures of my drawings either. So bogus.

3 more weeks till I move!!

By the way, I'm starting on my quilt! My allergies have been knocking me out daily, so I haven't been able to start cutting the strips but I'm going to get started on that probably after dinner

...At the moment I'm busy planning my excursion! Woohoo! I had to modify it from my original plan (which included the good ol' Grand Canyon) BUT it's still good. I'll be stopping (definitely) in Phoenix, Tuscon, San Antonio...with the possibility of Austin, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the finally my new home of Atlanta (well...Atlanta area)

If anyone has any suggestions on stops (that are along the 10) and places I should see, or eat at...just let me know!! Miroku, Tsuka, and I are ready for adventure!! Well me more than them...they're just turtles haha.

Those poor guys, I've only been feeding them once a day to get them ready for the trip (where I might not feed them at all...yes they can go without food for that long)...everytime I go towards the tank they swim frantically at me. Next time I go to the pet store I think I'm going to get them some crickets (better than the worms I have now...GROSS), because I want to introduce them to live bait in a few months

Well back to quilting!

P.S Everyone should use those bags where you vacuum all the air out...they are amazing! Granted I'll be using about 23-25 of these bags total..but man...they're so awesome!!

Till next time suckas


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sorry, no illustration today. I'm starting to get overwhelmed and I am trying to punch that feeling in the face. I'm also trying to stop eating so poorly (well I eat pretty well but it's the sweets that are killing me) and get my too soft self back on a bike , maybe lose a few pounds before I leave? Ehh? Ehh?

I hate packing and having money issues.

So now that I have wasted my day, I should at least do SOME packing *grumble grumble*

Oh, anyone know any dry hair and scalp remedies? I am seriously about to shave my head cuz I don't want to deal with it anymore...but I wont do that cuz I'll cry

....either way I end up frustrated *more grumbling*

Till next time suckas


Sunday, August 8, 2010

All right! Now that all my intense research is done, I've designed my 7 piece capsule Fall 2010 line!! Yay! I'm really sorry, I'm getting super busy now...and since I have exactly a month left till the move it's going to be even worse. But I will be drawing in my spare time!!! I wanted to get out this set of illustrations out before I leave but we'll see. You will see them though do not despair!

If you're a little confused, pretty much like how photographers do photoshoots, I draw out scenes for my illustration...makes it less boring. They're in full color..backgrounds and EVERYTHING. The works!

Well I'm excited at least

Not as excited though than I am about moving! Waahh! I can't believe it's only a month away! I'm starting to feel the pressure and looking around my room makes me feel even more pressure...I will get all this stuff into my car! I HAVE to!!

Another thing, I will be starting my quilt very soon! I am collecting fabric...unfortunately I'm pretty broke so I don't have much to spend with...I'm hoping I will come up on some cheap fabric to make this thing. It's going to be huge! 84x96! And I have to have it done by the time I leave oooooooor I won't have anything to cover my bed!

That won't be much fun.

Well, even though I have been depriving everyone of illustrations...they're back!! I'll give you a little description for this line. Each piece is based off a bird. Yes, birds. Combined with the smooth styling of the 70s and my own  touch of femininity, I give you 'Hardwire'

Day 36 of 365, Red Winged Blackbird

I'm pretty excited to make this dress! I am trying my best to use upcycled and vintage materials to make this line (so far so good!). This dress will be black velvet and will have a nice beaded belt in the front  (cross straps wrap around into the belt!)

Till next time suckas!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

no hate

Hi.....sorry I haven't been posting, I'm currently doing some research and have literally been sucked into it.

I just wanted to come and post some good news! Prop 8 was overturned!! Yay! And as much as I want to rant about this, I will not but I will let you know exactly where I stand

I am a Christian, by following God's word I am here to love everyone.

I am also a minority...that should say enough to you

This being said, there is never a reason for me as a person to stop what others do because it's against MY morals...see that? MY morals. Civil issues should never EVER EVER EVER EVER be decided by the majority. Hell if they did, I'm sure I'd probably be a second generation out of slavery (I'm like 5 or 6th I believe...maybe more).

I myself will not marry a woman, but I will not stand in the way of any of my many many friends who want to marry someone of the same sex.

I  love all my friends equally!!!! LET'S US STOP ALL THE HATE!!!!!

Till next time suckas


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sorry about not posting yesterday, I was in such a bad mood I couldn't muster up the strength to draw. But after drinking a big glass of wine and watching UP (and also talking to a good friend) I felt much happier and it helped me get into a better mood.

My life isn't filled with many tough decisions. Most of the decisions I make are arbitrary or wont really matter later on. So when I have to make a decision that matters I tend to panic......

I swear I'm an adult, I swear. I'll also admit that my life has being seemingly care free...and things tend to get brushed under the rug when I don't want to see's pretty bad.

I promise...I am an adult!

Anyway! It's Mad Men Sunday! And I'm going to finish out my tribute with Betty Draper! Day 35 of 365, Betty

I like this Betty the best. I based it off the Betty from last season. The one that was getting all independent. We'll have to see how this season plays out for her...I think she kind of latch onto a guy right when she was getting all Free Betty on Don...I don't like it. So here's to our very childish Barbie, Betty 

Friday, July 30, 2010

birthday suit

Hello again everyone! Packing is going all's kind of sad that it doesn't look like I've made much of a dent but I have over 20 boxes packed up in the attic

Now it's onto the important stuff...yarn, fabric, clothes, and shoes

It's pretty exciting, by next weekend I'll have a month left in California!! Woohoo!

My mother's birthday was a couple days ago, and it reminded me that my birthday is 2 months away. Okay, I know, 2 months isn't for a while...but with all this moving stuff and trying to get together with people, I'm pretty sure the month of August will go by in a snap. And then moving in September..getting settled...etc, it's going to be a doozy. So I need to get started soon.

I sketched out some designs that I'd like to wear for my big two-four (whoop whoo)

Day 34 of 365, Birthday Suit

1. 60s style brasierre and slip inspired dress. Basically a dress based off 60s underwear but in a classy fashion (and far thicker fabric haha)

2. An off the shoulder surplice dress

3. A modern military inspired wiggle dress...which pretty much is a knock-off of my Fall 2010 line (can you knock off your own things? Is that allowed?)

So peeps! Which one should I make?!

Help me out suckas

Till next time


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i hate packing

There, I said it! I really do. And you would think for someone who has moved 8 times in the past 6 years I'd be used to it.

And then there's this word called settling. I settle every time and quite quickly, then the mess grows and soon

I am devoured.

I'm undoing this process right now...which is why I've started packing a month early (plus I need to send some stuff to my new place! So I need to pack now)

My mother advised me to 'pack like I was going to college', I chuckled to myself. Did she not remember that I didn't really live in a typical dorm room? Through my entire college career I lived in an apartment (of various sizes and occupants)

But my will has been tested, I have to fit most of it in my supah-compact car, Kia, the Rio.

We can do it!!

Anyways, since I am the queen of procrastination, I took time out to draw like I'm supposed to. Day 33 of 365, Peggy Olsen!

Ok, so it doesn't look like her at all...but did I say I was going for likeness? EVER? No, so don't complain. I really love Peggy, ever since she was a secretary for Don, and then a Jr. Copywriter, to now her big bad Copywriter self...she's awesome. Thanks for paving the way Peggy.

Also, she's a trend follower. Watch her sense of style progress throughout the seasons. Her clothes change faster than anyone else's on the show (besides Betty...well sometimes). Good things are coming for Ms. Peggy...I can't wait for this season to unfold!
I also want her to reunite with her baby...oops...spoiler

Oh well.

Till next time suckas


Sunday, July 25, 2010

mad men

I'm back! And look doesn't it look nice? Okay, so I know that some things aren't as visible as they should be (but they aren't that important so I'm not worried)

Today is a wonderful day! Besides grueling over a hot computer for 3 days to finally get this blog looking favorite television show is back

MAD MEN!!!!! This is the moment I've been waiting all summer...well actually since March for!

Thus why the next few illustrations will be dedicated to this wonderful wonderful show.

Without further adieu ( that how you spell it?...I think that's wrong) I present Day 32 of 365, Joan Hollaway.

I must say, my favorite female character is Joan (Don and Peter are my favorite male...yes...Peter). The first time I saw her on screen my girlish dreams bloomed. YES! A full figured woman did actually exist in the 1960s!! Well Joan isn't real....yes, but every item of clothing that the characters wear in Mad Men are vintage pieces, that either the costume designer has found or has had donated.

How awesome is that?!

I love this show.

Till next time suckas

Peggy or Betty are next 


Saturday, July 24, 2010

pardon the dust

Ok, so I got away with it yesterday but I can't get away with not posting 2 days in a row for no reason.

Well not NO reason, I have a reason....

I'm currently updating the look of the blog...notice how it looks different? Well that was an accident, this is not what it's going to look like.

So far it's looking pretty decent, but I'm brand new at this HTML hoo haw so it's taking me a lot longer than I originally expected.

Tutorials are really vague these days man....seriously vague.

BUT I am making should be done by tomorrow's post WITH a scheduled illustration.

Sorry about the wait!!!!!

I love you all 

Till next time suckas


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi! I'm baaaaack! I had an awesome day yesterday...and man am I beat! 

Good news everyone! I found my Wacom pen! All is not lost! I also got my boxes too! Time to start packing'll be nice to see the carpet in my bedroom again. 

Now since my Wacom pen is back and I can go back to being the normal digital artist that I am, I present to you day 32 of 365, the afrodesiac logo (yes...afrodesiac is NOT uppercase...why? Because I don't like's still the name and it's's just not spelled with a capital letter...get it?)

What I like about this logo is that it's interchangeable...meaning I can put whatever pattern color or what behind it. Ahh, I love vectors!

Till next time suckas


(p.s there will be a surprise tune in!!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

fall preview

Fall is my favorite season. Not necessarily because the clothes are cuter than in the Spring (I don't know about you but I love all clothes all year round) but because I was born in the Fall.

Didn't expect THAT did you.

So to celebrate the fact that Fall is coming, that this heat will subside, and that I will have a very happy birthday in the early Fall....I give you a Fall Preview of my line that will be coming out this Fall! Look out for it!

Day 31 of 365, Fall Preview!!

Who says you can't wear shorts in the fall? 

Look out for the Hardwire Fall 2010 for Afrodesiac coming soon!!!

Till next time suckas


Sunday, July 18, 2010

missing...wacom pen

OK! So I'm really mad right now haha....I cannot find my Wacom pen, it was on my keyboard when I left a few days ago...and of course upon noticing that my lamp and screen had been moved when I got back...I didn't notice that the pen was gone

I'm pretty pissed actually.

I'm going to wait till it's like 10 pm to look for it because it's still too hot to do so right now..and me being mad and hot only makes me more angry not a good combo.

I had something nice and cool to talk about but this has put me in a bad mood

Why so mad Chadae? That thing cost 70 bucks to replace! And I've had it for 4 years and never lost it..but someone comes in my room and knocks stuff around and now it's gone...UGH!

really really reaaaaaally irritated

Day 30 of 365, 11 more months to go! So this is going to be my logo. It was SUPPOSED to be colored and neat and clean but...can't do that without my pen. So here's the sketch version for now

*grumbles* I'll get you the completed version as soon as I find that pen.  I may be messy but I have things organized in the way I want them to it really rubs me the wrong way when my stuff is just thrown around and messed with.

now I have a headache


Till next time suckas


Saturday, July 17, 2010

life happens for a reason

Well hello there everyone! I'm back! Yay! I had alot of fun on my mini getaway!

While I was at the beach I was given the chance to meet some very wise older women (like my great-grandma's age...80s), I'm not knocking any of my close friends and family who have had my back through everything, but to have these two look me in the eyes and say flat out: You have the drive, you have the're going to do very well.

It made me very happy. I'll admit, sometimes I don't believe what people tell me (that know me) because I feel like it's usually said to get me to shut up. But know I understand that, most people are like me....lying takes alot more effort than the truth...and my friends and family wouldn't lie to me.

So if I sucked...they sure as heck would tell a nice way.

I think I'm finally at the point where I'm ready to get on with my also can be called growing up..which I try to do a little of from time to time. 

I'm stoked about my new ventures....that tiny light has become a huge opening and I'm stepping through.

All of this being said, I will be diving head first into my work. I will be opening my online store by October (at the LATEST). I will be selling my own designs, reworked vintage clothing, vintage clothing, and possibly...artwork as well. 

I'll say it here first, I am currently working my way to opening a stand alone store selling what I'll be selling in my online store. I would like to have this done...well started in the next few years. 

Extremely excited, the Lord has put me through pain and sadness, only because 1. He knew I could get past it and 2. Without cannot enjoy the good times in life.

This is an extremely good time, even if yeah I don't have a job nor do I have alot of money, but creativity is flowing and I'm going to create like's what I do!

To everyone that has helped me through good and bad times (you know exactly who you are), I thank you with my whole heart.

Now! Day 29 of 365! This is a sketch I did for a's a preliminary sketch thus why I'm sharing it with you all.  

I'm pretty excited about this project. It's the first time I'll be actually making artwork like this....I don't know why I haven't done it before. Ah well.

Till next time suckas


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a promise breaker

Okay, I almost didn't post today because I was so busy!! Blah!

And I apologize for not having a picture today. Sorry. I think that I'm not going to catch up or play catch up when I miss a day, just continue on when I'm able to do it. No this doesn't mean suddenly it's going to become all sporadic and I'll never post, just there will be some skipped today, and tomorrow, and the next day!

I'm sure you all don't mind...and if you do tough lucky buddies!!

Till next time suckas


Monday, July 12, 2010

doing what you want

For a long time I've always done what others wanted me to a certain extent. And when I didn't I would get called selfish and defiant..yet it was always okay for them to do whatever they wanted.

Yes I am stubborn, while doing my undergrad there were many a time I would clash with a teacher over my own personal style.

They would always say stuff like 'You'll never be able to do what you want.' 'You can't expect that' and blah blah blah

Why do we have to submit to others when we don't think it'll benefit ourselves? And I'm not talking about a higher power, I'm talking about from man to man.

I think it's b.s.

So lately I've been doing stuff for me..and boy do I love it. Not that I completely disregard others, I just you're supposed to do.

If you're feeling like you're being pushed this for'll feel great later.

Now that that's over onto day 28 of 365, another guy!!!! It's Samir!!

I am working on getting better at drawing can be difficult since my style is so feminine...wish me luck!!

Till next time suckas


Sunday, July 11, 2010

*cough cough

It's always a bummer when you have an awesome time and the next day you wake up feeling like crap. Well not too much crap...just a little. I hope this goes away soon.

BUT! I am so glad to be able to get back into my own groove! Though I will be working on something that isn't for me soon, but for the most part it's back to designing my own stuff...and making stuff to sell whoo!

I'm currently trying to find an AUX adapater for my car stereo...because I just can't take fumbling with the radio anymore...but it's turning to be quite the chore...ah well I can do it!

also I got invited to go to Vegas but had to turn it down! I'm not too disappointed, I am going to the beach...but if only it weren't for schedule conflicts I could be going to both!! Waaaah.

All right, I'm pretty tired so Day 27 of 365 Liina
Another one of my tweens....she's super cute I love her.

Till next time suckas


Saturday, July 10, 2010

love and marriage

Right off the I'm not in love with any man (yet...let God handle that) nor am I getting married

but two kids I know, great awesome kids just did (and they're kids because you know they're younger than me...they're both in college) I was going to try to post this blog beforehand but I didn't have time because I am very here we are.

I didn't get pictures sadly because camera fell on the ground on the 4th and the batteries wont stay in. BOGUS!

This wedding was a trial for me, that in getting prepared for it. I was planning on and was actually making a crochet kitchen set

and it bombed. So at the very last minute after screaming in frustration, I busted out the gift I actually gave them (plus a nice gift card :- ) )

Here's their gift and also Day 26 of 365 Aaron and Amy

First their gift

This was the best picture out of the group I took haha...stupid camera. I made the groom (Aaron) a crochet bowtie and I made the bride (Amy) a rose hair pin, also crochet. I was going to do something different with the picture but it turned out so much bigger than I thought (the rose and tie). 

I wish I would have known the theme beforehand because then I would have been able to match it with their gifts (blue and silver, with sunflowers...super cute)

And now day 26 of 365, Aaron and Amy's wedding portrait

The likeness is uncanny.

Well that's it for today! Also, I almost caught the bouquet...and by almost I mean it was in my hand, gripped and ready to pull down and someone took it from me. It's ok, she actually has a boyfriend. Though...really I was so close! Ha ha ha oh well, next time Chadae. It was an awesome wedding and I saw alot of people I haven't seen it years...I had an awesome time!!!

Till next time suckas


Friday, July 9, 2010

i like dresses

I really do though. My sloppy at home outfit? A lightweight dress (or a skirt...pants are so bothersome)

I wonder if I can just get away with designing dresses and skirts (and I GUESS tops...I guess) for a little bit...Who thinks I can do it??

Ok so this is spurred on by the pictures I received this morning, even though it is all of them...and I know there will be alot more..but for now I have these two. The shoot was a lot of fun, everyone was having a really good time and joking around and all that jazz. I wish all photoshoots could be that way!

Sara the model was amazing..for real.

Um so the dress ACTUALLY matched the lightposts...but the photographer photoshopped them up so they're more tan. Oh well...I'm not him. Also the dress looks slightly bluer than it really's a metallic grey and matches the darker fabric.

So this is just the beginning, I'll post more as I get them.

And just to let everyone know...I am SO happy to get photos and not have to photoshop them myself. I mean it's fine when I'm being picky but...when you're's amazing

Now down to business, I know I talked about dresses for no reason, and here we go day 25 of 365...a girl with pants on! Meet Athenia, the second of the tweens

Normally I don't auto-tone my sketches, but if I didn't you wouldn't be able to see what was on her shirt...which is me at least

I screenprint too (shaaaaaaaameless plugging..oh wait it's my blog! HA!).

Also, if anyone would like a commission of any sort (whether it be clothes or art) just let me know ;-)

Till next time suckas


Thursday, July 8, 2010

you know...

I'm going to rethink this homemade gift giving thing

I think it's because I'm not confident that they will like it it ends up getting messed up


BUT I have to finish because I have nothing else to give or any time to go get something proper.

Ok, so since I'm busy crocheting like a mad woman...I actually took TOO much time out to draw. You'll get your colored pictures after the wedding...I'm sorry...I'll do a week straight of color pictures

(but don't be surprised if I don't...I'm so unreliable sometimes...)

Day 24 of 365, meet Coren! She is supposed to be a kid..but I aged her a little...alot...Childrenswear is awesome, but I think tweens are cool too...not personally, far too much attitude to still be children (10-12 year olds)

After this week I'll go back to lining the drawings as more sketchy pencils play offs...I swear

Till next time suckas


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

crochet like a mutha

Good evening loves

I have a wedding to attend in 3 days and I have done barely anything for their gift that I'm making them

oh.....crap oh crap...ooooooh crap

No worries I'll finish I just gotta get my behind in right now!!! Waaah

So day...uh...22? Yeah Day 22 and 23 of 365, here are the pieces I submitted for the project I mentioned yesterday. I think it's okay to show them because they wont be used...

So I admit, the guy looks like his eyes are lifeless...and I don't even know if that's his real eye color (in the pic, he was doing the smile squint so who knows)

Also I think I'm going to start using Corel Painter a lot's got awesome tools in it...seriously.

Sorry, I forgot again what I was going to talk about today haaa

Till next time suckas


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a shocker

Yesterday was a fluke, I'm sorry.

I've now realized how talent is measured. I kinda slightly bombed a big chance I had all because of the level of skill I have as an artist.

I can't copy...I just can't do it. Even since I was little, I've never been able to copy other styles of art.

So because of that I believe I've lost an opportunity, but it was good to at least be able to realize this. There's nothing wrong that seeing something and wanting something like that in return

I'm just not your girl for that job....oh well...I will keep pressing on

So this frustration was taken out on the logo I've been trying to make. I had already drawn this once and it was so awesome...but suddenly that sketchbook that I needed disappeared!! Aargh!!! And now we're left with the crappy second version. Once I find that book, you'll get the better logo. I've been planning on making a banner for this blog and my Etsy store for a while...I just need to find that book...and Lord knows where it's at


So, Day 21 of 365 (by tomorrow we'll catch up...promise)

.....I really need to find that other sketchbook. 

Till next time suckas


Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th o July

Happy 234th Birthday United States

whoo fireworks


more fireworks!!

I have to admit, 4th of July always makes me excited...because of the fireworks. And this is the ONLY day we put aside our political opinions and join as one as Americans...too bad it couldn't always be that way (I am totally beefing with a certain party right now...and no, I don't claim a party, thanks)

Man I really want to get some fireworks...just the kiddie ones, I don't trust myself lighting the ones that you know...actually fly off..I've never lit one before.........

I have a special remake outfit that I'm wearing today! It went from 80s atrocious to well hopefully 40s chic 


Speaking of 40s this takes us to a special Day 20 of 365!!! Happy Independence Day, America...she says

I LOVE pin-up's so cute, I love it. So I made Haru a celebratory pin-up doll.

Yes, there are not enough stripes on the flag

and I'm sure the star count is off..give or take

I love her bathing's so much more subtle than say a bright red or blue suit that you'd normally see on this day..nothing wrong with those colors, but white is a big part of the flag too!!

Till next time suckas

Happy 4th o July


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