Wednesday, July 7, 2010

crochet like a mutha

Good evening loves

I have a wedding to attend in 3 days and I have done barely anything for their gift that I'm making them

oh.....crap oh crap...ooooooh crap

No worries I'll finish I just gotta get my behind in right now!!! Waaah

So day...uh...22? Yeah Day 22 and 23 of 365, here are the pieces I submitted for the project I mentioned yesterday. I think it's okay to show them because they wont be used...

So I admit, the guy looks like his eyes are lifeless...and I don't even know if that's his real eye color (in the pic, he was doing the smile squint so who knows)

Also I think I'm going to start using Corel Painter a lot's got awesome tools in it...seriously.

Sorry, I forgot again what I was going to talk about today haaa

Till next time suckas


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