Sunday, August 8, 2010

All right! Now that all my intense research is done, I've designed my 7 piece capsule Fall 2010 line!! Yay! I'm really sorry, I'm getting super busy now...and since I have exactly a month left till the move it's going to be even worse. But I will be drawing in my spare time!!! I wanted to get out this set of illustrations out before I leave but we'll see. You will see them though do not despair!

If you're a little confused, pretty much like how photographers do photoshoots, I draw out scenes for my illustration...makes it less boring. They're in full color..backgrounds and EVERYTHING. The works!

Well I'm excited at least

Not as excited though than I am about moving! Waahh! I can't believe it's only a month away! I'm starting to feel the pressure and looking around my room makes me feel even more pressure...I will get all this stuff into my car! I HAVE to!!

Another thing, I will be starting my quilt very soon! I am collecting fabric...unfortunately I'm pretty broke so I don't have much to spend with...I'm hoping I will come up on some cheap fabric to make this thing. It's going to be huge! 84x96! And I have to have it done by the time I leave oooooooor I won't have anything to cover my bed!

That won't be much fun.

Well, even though I have been depriving everyone of illustrations...they're back!! I'll give you a little description for this line. Each piece is based off a bird. Yes, birds. Combined with the smooth styling of the 70s and my own  touch of femininity, I give you 'Hardwire'

Day 36 of 365, Red Winged Blackbird

I'm pretty excited to make this dress! I am trying my best to use upcycled and vintage materials to make this line (so far so good!). This dress will be black velvet and will have a nice beaded belt in the front  (cross straps wrap around into the belt!)

Till next time suckas!

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