Saturday, July 10, 2010

love and marriage

Right off the I'm not in love with any man (yet...let God handle that) nor am I getting married

but two kids I know, great awesome kids just did (and they're kids because you know they're younger than me...they're both in college) I was going to try to post this blog beforehand but I didn't have time because I am very here we are.

I didn't get pictures sadly because camera fell on the ground on the 4th and the batteries wont stay in. BOGUS!

This wedding was a trial for me, that in getting prepared for it. I was planning on and was actually making a crochet kitchen set

and it bombed. So at the very last minute after screaming in frustration, I busted out the gift I actually gave them (plus a nice gift card :- ) )

Here's their gift and also Day 26 of 365 Aaron and Amy

First their gift

This was the best picture out of the group I took haha...stupid camera. I made the groom (Aaron) a crochet bowtie and I made the bride (Amy) a rose hair pin, also crochet. I was going to do something different with the picture but it turned out so much bigger than I thought (the rose and tie). 

I wish I would have known the theme beforehand because then I would have been able to match it with their gifts (blue and silver, with sunflowers...super cute)

And now day 26 of 365, Aaron and Amy's wedding portrait

The likeness is uncanny.

Well that's it for today! Also, I almost caught the bouquet...and by almost I mean it was in my hand, gripped and ready to pull down and someone took it from me. It's ok, she actually has a boyfriend. Though...really I was so close! Ha ha ha oh well, next time Chadae. It was an awesome wedding and I saw alot of people I haven't seen it years...I had an awesome time!!!

Till next time suckas


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