Tuesday, March 15, 2011

beware the ides of maaaaarch

OH HO HO I'm back suckas.

Things have been....mm...crazy and I've done a lot of thinking about my life and such and you know sometimes it's better to not think.

Ehh, I'll get back to it eventually right? Yes.

Like I promised a couple months back I will post twice a week. On Mondays it will be a lovely drawing and on Fridays (or Saturdays) it'll be kind of a Make of the Week type deal. I'm challenging myself this Spring/Summer to make a garment per week some days will be a cop out (like if I make a shirt or whatever) but others will be spectacular. Um, I will be doing a variety of vintage remakes and original awesome makes. I'm kinda really excited about all this.

ARE YOU EXCITED? Cuz you should be :-)

Also definitely thinking I'm going to change the layout of the blog again....one can only look at that color of pink for so long. And this is from someone who is crazy about pink.

So here it is the Pic of the Week <3

This is from my Spring Collection 'Sirens'  here is Ms. Sadee wearing the latest fashions~

A bathing suit top and a chiffon skirt. I originally was going to make this and sell it on Etsy but my mother gave me an awesome idea of making it for myself. There have been plenty of times where I get complimented on something I made and it's kinda awesome haha. So I'll market myself that way till Fall when I'm getting serious (aka this summer). I will be making the skirt for the Item of the Week (I'm not good at titles...help?) the bathing suit top MIGHT come later haha....we'll see about that hahahahahahahaha..ahh..*clears throat.

Well! That's it for today 

Till next time suckas 


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