Thursday, July 8, 2010

you know...

I'm going to rethink this homemade gift giving thing

I think it's because I'm not confident that they will like it it ends up getting messed up


BUT I have to finish because I have nothing else to give or any time to go get something proper.

Ok, so since I'm busy crocheting like a mad woman...I actually took TOO much time out to draw. You'll get your colored pictures after the wedding...I'm sorry...I'll do a week straight of color pictures

(but don't be surprised if I don't...I'm so unreliable sometimes...)

Day 24 of 365, meet Coren! She is supposed to be a kid..but I aged her a little...alot...Childrenswear is awesome, but I think tweens are cool too...not personally, far too much attitude to still be children (10-12 year olds)

After this week I'll go back to lining the drawings as more sketchy pencils play offs...I swear

Till next time suckas


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