Thursday, September 30, 2010

the south

I am writing this from a cafe, so if you're all wondering where I've been....I've been in Georgia for a little over two weeks now.

BUT I have no internet...boooo. We just so happen to live outside of many internet providers limits in the Atlanta  area.

it's been rough...I take that back not having internet at every waking moment has been rough. But everything else has been great....awesome really. I'm slowly getting to know the area, and my friends friends. It was pretty awesome to come here and be anticipated. Everyone practically knew who I was! That was a good feeling.

I still don't have alot of furniture, so drawing and sewing are out of the question at the moment. I know alot of people were anticipating my debut....that I keep pushing back.'s being pushed back till spring...again (I'm not excited about this fact, I was very pumped to get a line but I guess I just gotta put it up to circumstance right now...oh well)

There will be periodic updates until we get internet at the house which will hopefully be in a few months. During this time I will be drawing and I'll try to post those updates when I can.

I love you all and thanks for sticking with me during my absence, and shoot maybe cutting myself off cold turkey from the internet will help me a bit....though I will sadly admit I feel creatively cut off as well...but I'll get through it!!!

Till next time suckas


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