Wednesday, August 18, 2010

21 days

21 days till I move....still no printer or camera...LAAAAME.

My little brother (by 5 years and 4 months..aka 6 years) went off to USC today. It was weird, because my brother and I have already left. First me, then my for 5 years my little brother was by himself. Then I graduate from college and my brother gets out of the army at the same time (well...6 months give or take) and we're both back at home. So I'm sure he was bombarded.

So it was odd seeing him leave, I never had to go through a sibling leaving because well I'm the oldest. I'm always leaving. My brother and I ended up in room, marveling at the cleanliness and how he wasn't there. We grabbed some random change off his desk and that was it.

Have fun at USC Corey...don't get crazy!

Now that he's gone it marks exactly 3 weeks until I leave. I know and hope it'll go by fast. Yes I am little nervous about driving, so people...gimme a ring. Yes I will have a headset, I do not drive and talk with the phone in my hands...I already have slightly poor depth perception, I don't need to add to that.

Because really I'm going to be bored (especially going through Texas...what's so great about that state again?)

Sorry, I'll try not to forget to post like I have for the past few days. I'll at least try to do once a week till I can start posting pictures up lame

Till  next time suckas


Saturday, August 14, 2010

yes, i'm still here

Guess what! I got all my clothes and fabric packed!! Wahooooo! It was an intense two days...I was planning on posting but my bed was covered with clothes or fabric. Lame. Also very lame...our printer now I can't scan my drawings AND I left my camera in my friends car so I can't take pictures of my drawings either. So bogus.

3 more weeks till I move!!

By the way, I'm starting on my quilt! My allergies have been knocking me out daily, so I haven't been able to start cutting the strips but I'm going to get started on that probably after dinner

...At the moment I'm busy planning my excursion! Woohoo! I had to modify it from my original plan (which included the good ol' Grand Canyon) BUT it's still good. I'll be stopping (definitely) in Phoenix, Tuscon, San Antonio...with the possibility of Austin, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the finally my new home of Atlanta (well...Atlanta area)

If anyone has any suggestions on stops (that are along the 10) and places I should see, or eat at...just let me know!! Miroku, Tsuka, and I are ready for adventure!! Well me more than them...they're just turtles haha.

Those poor guys, I've only been feeding them once a day to get them ready for the trip (where I might not feed them at all...yes they can go without food for that long)...everytime I go towards the tank they swim frantically at me. Next time I go to the pet store I think I'm going to get them some crickets (better than the worms I have now...GROSS), because I want to introduce them to live bait in a few months

Well back to quilting!

P.S Everyone should use those bags where you vacuum all the air out...they are amazing! Granted I'll be using about 23-25 of these bags total..but man...they're so awesome!!

Till next time suckas


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Sorry, no illustration today. I'm starting to get overwhelmed and I am trying to punch that feeling in the face. I'm also trying to stop eating so poorly (well I eat pretty well but it's the sweets that are killing me) and get my too soft self back on a bike , maybe lose a few pounds before I leave? Ehh? Ehh?

I hate packing and having money issues.

So now that I have wasted my day, I should at least do SOME packing *grumble grumble*

Oh, anyone know any dry hair and scalp remedies? I am seriously about to shave my head cuz I don't want to deal with it anymore...but I wont do that cuz I'll cry

....either way I end up frustrated *more grumbling*

Till next time suckas


Sunday, August 8, 2010

All right! Now that all my intense research is done, I've designed my 7 piece capsule Fall 2010 line!! Yay! I'm really sorry, I'm getting super busy now...and since I have exactly a month left till the move it's going to be even worse. But I will be drawing in my spare time!!! I wanted to get out this set of illustrations out before I leave but we'll see. You will see them though do not despair!

If you're a little confused, pretty much like how photographers do photoshoots, I draw out scenes for my illustration...makes it less boring. They're in full color..backgrounds and EVERYTHING. The works!

Well I'm excited at least

Not as excited though than I am about moving! Waahh! I can't believe it's only a month away! I'm starting to feel the pressure and looking around my room makes me feel even more pressure...I will get all this stuff into my car! I HAVE to!!

Another thing, I will be starting my quilt very soon! I am collecting fabric...unfortunately I'm pretty broke so I don't have much to spend with...I'm hoping I will come up on some cheap fabric to make this thing. It's going to be huge! 84x96! And I have to have it done by the time I leave oooooooor I won't have anything to cover my bed!

That won't be much fun.

Well, even though I have been depriving everyone of illustrations...they're back!! I'll give you a little description for this line. Each piece is based off a bird. Yes, birds. Combined with the smooth styling of the 70s and my own  touch of femininity, I give you 'Hardwire'

Day 36 of 365, Red Winged Blackbird

I'm pretty excited to make this dress! I am trying my best to use upcycled and vintage materials to make this line (so far so good!). This dress will be black velvet and will have a nice beaded belt in the front  (cross straps wrap around into the belt!)

Till next time suckas!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

no hate

Hi.....sorry I haven't been posting, I'm currently doing some research and have literally been sucked into it.

I just wanted to come and post some good news! Prop 8 was overturned!! Yay! And as much as I want to rant about this, I will not but I will let you know exactly where I stand

I am a Christian, by following God's word I am here to love everyone.

I am also a minority...that should say enough to you

This being said, there is never a reason for me as a person to stop what others do because it's against MY morals...see that? MY morals. Civil issues should never EVER EVER EVER EVER be decided by the majority. Hell if they did, I'm sure I'd probably be a second generation out of slavery (I'm like 5 or 6th I believe...maybe more).

I myself will not marry a woman, but I will not stand in the way of any of my many many friends who want to marry someone of the same sex.

I  love all my friends equally!!!! LET'S US STOP ALL THE HATE!!!!!

Till next time suckas


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Sorry about not posting yesterday, I was in such a bad mood I couldn't muster up the strength to draw. But after drinking a big glass of wine and watching UP (and also talking to a good friend) I felt much happier and it helped me get into a better mood.

My life isn't filled with many tough decisions. Most of the decisions I make are arbitrary or wont really matter later on. So when I have to make a decision that matters I tend to panic......

I swear I'm an adult, I swear. I'll also admit that my life has being seemingly care free...and things tend to get brushed under the rug when I don't want to see's pretty bad.

I promise...I am an adult!

Anyway! It's Mad Men Sunday! And I'm going to finish out my tribute with Betty Draper! Day 35 of 365, Betty

I like this Betty the best. I based it off the Betty from last season. The one that was getting all independent. We'll have to see how this season plays out for her...I think she kind of latch onto a guy right when she was getting all Free Betty on Don...I don't like it. So here's to our very childish Barbie, Betty 
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