Wednesday, August 18, 2010

21 days

21 days till I move....still no printer or camera...LAAAAME.

My little brother (by 5 years and 4 months..aka 6 years) went off to USC today. It was weird, because my brother and I have already left. First me, then my for 5 years my little brother was by himself. Then I graduate from college and my brother gets out of the army at the same time (well...6 months give or take) and we're both back at home. So I'm sure he was bombarded.

So it was odd seeing him leave, I never had to go through a sibling leaving because well I'm the oldest. I'm always leaving. My brother and I ended up in room, marveling at the cleanliness and how he wasn't there. We grabbed some random change off his desk and that was it.

Have fun at USC Corey...don't get crazy!

Now that he's gone it marks exactly 3 weeks until I leave. I know and hope it'll go by fast. Yes I am little nervous about driving, so people...gimme a ring. Yes I will have a headset, I do not drive and talk with the phone in my hands...I already have slightly poor depth perception, I don't need to add to that.

Because really I'm going to be bored (especially going through Texas...what's so great about that state again?)

Sorry, I'll try not to forget to post like I have for the past few days. I'll at least try to do once a week till I can start posting pictures up lame

Till  next time suckas


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