Saturday, August 14, 2010

yes, i'm still here

Guess what! I got all my clothes and fabric packed!! Wahooooo! It was an intense two days...I was planning on posting but my bed was covered with clothes or fabric. Lame. Also very lame...our printer now I can't scan my drawings AND I left my camera in my friends car so I can't take pictures of my drawings either. So bogus.

3 more weeks till I move!!

By the way, I'm starting on my quilt! My allergies have been knocking me out daily, so I haven't been able to start cutting the strips but I'm going to get started on that probably after dinner

...At the moment I'm busy planning my excursion! Woohoo! I had to modify it from my original plan (which included the good ol' Grand Canyon) BUT it's still good. I'll be stopping (definitely) in Phoenix, Tuscon, San Antonio...with the possibility of Austin, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the finally my new home of Atlanta (well...Atlanta area)

If anyone has any suggestions on stops (that are along the 10) and places I should see, or eat at...just let me know!! Miroku, Tsuka, and I are ready for adventure!! Well me more than them...they're just turtles haha.

Those poor guys, I've only been feeding them once a day to get them ready for the trip (where I might not feed them at all...yes they can go without food for that long)...everytime I go towards the tank they swim frantically at me. Next time I go to the pet store I think I'm going to get them some crickets (better than the worms I have now...GROSS), because I want to introduce them to live bait in a few months

Well back to quilting!

P.S Everyone should use those bags where you vacuum all the air out...they are amazing! Granted I'll be using about 23-25 of these bags total..but man...they're so awesome!!

Till next time suckas


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