Thursday, September 2, 2010


Uhm hi blog, how are you?

I am doing well. Sorry I haven't written in you for a while...I've been busy...and really hot. It's been hot outside and that makes me very distracted.

Friends! I'm moving in 5 days! 5 days! What the heck that came up way faster than I expected. Am I excited? Hell yes.

I've been quilting lately, because well I need something to pass the time, and it's been very time consuming. Why didn't anyone tell me this before? I was fairly ambitious, even after I eliminated some aspects of the quilt (like the appliqué...side note, google chrome just marked appliqué wrong because it didn't have the accent...all...right.) and it still took me 2 days to make all the squares...make that 4 days.

The quilt is a full size bed spread and I had to make 56 (well actually 50...I made 6 extra on accident!). I didn't have a lot of the quintessential quilting tools. Like the large cutting square (one that was 12x12...I really needed that!) a walking foot (it's ok I don't have enough room to do the proper quilting so I'm going to wait till I get to Georgia) and I so intelligently gave away my cutting mat!! But it's okay because, Walmart sells the huge mat for like 20 bucks which is so so cheap I'll probably get 2!

All in all this quilt is fun, I just hope it turns out decent...that's all I ask!

Back to moving....I'll admit I'm kinda nervous about the drive. It's about 2500 miles and I'm doing it by myself (with my turtles of course) and it's about 24+ hours of just driving. I'm confident that Kia will make it...I just have to get my wits about me. I'm pretty sure on the 7th I might panic a little but that's just my nature. I booked my first motel in Tuscon last night (one that got specific reviews about lone female travelers...God speaking to me? I think so). One surprise that made me knock myself on the head....I get to go to New Orleans! Heck yeah! French Quarter here I come. Sad side note....another oil spill? If I can see it I'll take photos..I  was really hoping that the water would be clean.

Things I'm excited for when I move:

Mississippi River...and other rivers
the the water really warm?! Unbelievable
Southern food in moderation
and of course my friends!!!

Also, obviously my 365 drawings are on hiatus due to the fact that I'm super busy and I am soon to have no internet or a scanner :-(, but I'll try and post pics along the way of my adventure across the U.S!

And these are for Emily, progress of the quilt!

Sorry I couldn't get the whole thing in there...I could only get so far back and I'm short

Well till next time suckas!


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