Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th o July

Happy 234th Birthday United States

whoo fireworks


more fireworks!!

I have to admit, 4th of July always makes me excited...because of the fireworks. And this is the ONLY day we put aside our political opinions and join as one as Americans...too bad it couldn't always be that way (I am totally beefing with a certain party right now...and no, I don't claim a party, thanks)

Man I really want to get some fireworks...just the kiddie ones, I don't trust myself lighting the ones that you know...actually fly off..I've never lit one before.........

I have a special remake outfit that I'm wearing today! It went from 80s atrocious to well hopefully 40s chic 


Speaking of 40s this takes us to a special Day 20 of 365!!! Happy Independence Day, America...she says

I LOVE pin-up's so cute, I love it. So I made Haru a celebratory pin-up doll.

Yes, there are not enough stripes on the flag

and I'm sure the star count is off..give or take

I love her bathing's so much more subtle than say a bright red or blue suit that you'd normally see on this day..nothing wrong with those colors, but white is a big part of the flag too!!

Till next time suckas

Happy 4th o July


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