Sunday, July 25, 2010

mad men

I'm back! And look doesn't it look nice? Okay, so I know that some things aren't as visible as they should be (but they aren't that important so I'm not worried)

Today is a wonderful day! Besides grueling over a hot computer for 3 days to finally get this blog looking favorite television show is back

MAD MEN!!!!! This is the moment I've been waiting all summer...well actually since March for!

Thus why the next few illustrations will be dedicated to this wonderful wonderful show.

Without further adieu ( that how you spell it?...I think that's wrong) I present Day 32 of 365, Joan Hollaway.

I must say, my favorite female character is Joan (Don and Peter are my favorite male...yes...Peter). The first time I saw her on screen my girlish dreams bloomed. YES! A full figured woman did actually exist in the 1960s!! Well Joan isn't real....yes, but every item of clothing that the characters wear in Mad Men are vintage pieces, that either the costume designer has found or has had donated.

How awesome is that?!

I love this show.

Till next time suckas

Peggy or Betty are next 


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