Friday, July 9, 2010

i like dresses

I really do though. My sloppy at home outfit? A lightweight dress (or a skirt...pants are so bothersome)

I wonder if I can just get away with designing dresses and skirts (and I GUESS tops...I guess) for a little bit...Who thinks I can do it??

Ok so this is spurred on by the pictures I received this morning, even though it is all of them...and I know there will be alot more..but for now I have these two. The shoot was a lot of fun, everyone was having a really good time and joking around and all that jazz. I wish all photoshoots could be that way!

Sara the model was amazing..for real.

Um so the dress ACTUALLY matched the lightposts...but the photographer photoshopped them up so they're more tan. Oh well...I'm not him. Also the dress looks slightly bluer than it really's a metallic grey and matches the darker fabric.

So this is just the beginning, I'll post more as I get them.

And just to let everyone know...I am SO happy to get photos and not have to photoshop them myself. I mean it's fine when I'm being picky but...when you're's amazing

Now down to business, I know I talked about dresses for no reason, and here we go day 25 of 365...a girl with pants on! Meet Athenia, the second of the tweens

Normally I don't auto-tone my sketches, but if I didn't you wouldn't be able to see what was on her shirt...which is me at least

I screenprint too (shaaaaaaaameless plugging..oh wait it's my blog! HA!).

Also, if anyone would like a commission of any sort (whether it be clothes or art) just let me know ;-)

Till next time suckas


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