Thursday, June 17, 2010

a gift

Ok, so I had a different topic all lined up and rearing to go

and then a few hours ago my dad walked in....inside a clear container were two tiny turtles

I haven't squealed in delight in such a long time....oh my, I now own two ADORABLE turtles

yessssss...dreams can come true

That being said, I don't know their sex yet, let alone what kind of turtles they are. I'm going to take some pics of them soon...I was playing with them and I forgot I had to draw! Both of them are very awesome and I'm already in love with them

my sweet sweet suckas.

so expect turtle love tomorrow <3

...and btw, congrats once again Lakers...sorry Celtics fans 

Ok, Day 3 of 365, this is Evan <3

I'm going to be frank with you all (haha get it? Frank? Like my last name? Nevermind...>>). I am trying to get better at drawing different ethnicities. With my style it is...difficult. So Evan is supposed to be Asian, Javia is black,  Sadee is actually a mix of European and Native American (what a mix <3) and the other girls well I'll tell you later.  It's going to be a journey.

Till tomorrow my loves

Peace <3
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