Sunday, July 11, 2010

*cough cough

It's always a bummer when you have an awesome time and the next day you wake up feeling like crap. Well not too much crap...just a little. I hope this goes away soon.

BUT! I am so glad to be able to get back into my own groove! Though I will be working on something that isn't for me soon, but for the most part it's back to designing my own stuff...and making stuff to sell whoo!

I'm currently trying to find an AUX adapater for my car stereo...because I just can't take fumbling with the radio anymore...but it's turning to be quite the chore...ah well I can do it!

also I got invited to go to Vegas but had to turn it down! I'm not too disappointed, I am going to the beach...but if only it weren't for schedule conflicts I could be going to both!! Waaaah.

All right, I'm pretty tired so Day 27 of 365 Liina
Another one of my tweens....she's super cute I love her.

Till next time suckas


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