Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ok...ok...ok so today I wont be posting the Piece of the Week (really...really gotta work on that title) I am so sorry! I've actually been kind of busy and I also got my internet taken away for a few days. I'm on my roommate's computer at the moment, but really it's a pain to run back and forth from my house to her mom's so I will just wait till next week to post. Don't worry you will see that skirt! I'll probably post it up midweek next week. THAT'S A PROMISE <3

Also, I'm having a tough time getting used to my sewing room....I think it's because I hate the color of the room (baby blue....ehh). I'll take a picture so you can see it but bleh. Time to stop by Lowe's and grab some paint chips!!!

Another project I am going to undertake is weaving! I learned it in school and instantly fell in love. I searched the internet and found a way to make a frame loom. Once I get some dough I'm going to make a 4'x6' loom

And one last thing. I normally don't like to talk about myself too much hear but I guess I would like I have a skin condition called eczema (fairly common) and I went to the allergist to see if anything I was eating could be causing problems....

.....Weeeell turns out I'm allergic to more foods than I thought. I'll save you the gory details but I have now become a vegetarian (who can't eat soy). So now I've been looking for recipes etc and I need a little help because well I was a hardcore omnivore till Wednesday.

So any recipes etc would be awesome my lovelies.

I'll post my progress here too....I dunno help other new vegetarians like me

Sorry for the huge post about nothing!

Till next time

Peace suckas
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