Monday, July 12, 2010

doing what you want

For a long time I've always done what others wanted me to a certain extent. And when I didn't I would get called selfish and defiant..yet it was always okay for them to do whatever they wanted.

Yes I am stubborn, while doing my undergrad there were many a time I would clash with a teacher over my own personal style.

They would always say stuff like 'You'll never be able to do what you want.' 'You can't expect that' and blah blah blah

Why do we have to submit to others when we don't think it'll benefit ourselves? And I'm not talking about a higher power, I'm talking about from man to man.

I think it's b.s.

So lately I've been doing stuff for me..and boy do I love it. Not that I completely disregard others, I just you're supposed to do.

If you're feeling like you're being pushed this for'll feel great later.

Now that that's over onto day 28 of 365, another guy!!!! It's Samir!!

I am working on getting better at drawing can be difficult since my style is so feminine...wish me luck!!

Till next time suckas


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