Monday, April 4, 2011

bouncing back?

ehhh I'm almost there. The past two weeks have been utter crap but I ain't here to talk about that!

I have to admit something to you all....I am the harshest critic of my own work. It's kind of ridiculous, but other artists are like this too right? Please tell me I'm not as nutty as I think!! Designing is like reading a book....there's the main plot, the battle, the sadness, the climax and then it's over.

Anyway I've only brought it up because in the middle of the most ridiculous rut. I stare at my dress form for hours and look at the piles of cut fabric around and it gives me a headache (boo hoo) but I think I had a break through today...

I've been forcing myself into some sort of mold AH HA I got it. Silly Chadae, I should know that I of all people don't fit into a mold and yes even fashion has molds. Well dammit I wont conform! I refuse!

So I'm really hoping after this realization I'll be able to have fun when I design again....cuz lately it has not.

Wish me luck peeps <3

Here is the pic of the week that I forgot to post last week!


Oh la la Ms. Haru. I am pretty sure I'm going to be making this dress. I really love the design! I also wish I can get my hands on some awesome print fabric or was able to make them myself!

Any suggestions?

Well till next time suckas!

Peace <3

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