Sunday, July 18, 2010

missing...wacom pen

OK! So I'm really mad right now haha....I cannot find my Wacom pen, it was on my keyboard when I left a few days ago...and of course upon noticing that my lamp and screen had been moved when I got back...I didn't notice that the pen was gone

I'm pretty pissed actually.

I'm going to wait till it's like 10 pm to look for it because it's still too hot to do so right now..and me being mad and hot only makes me more angry not a good combo.

I had something nice and cool to talk about but this has put me in a bad mood

Why so mad Chadae? That thing cost 70 bucks to replace! And I've had it for 4 years and never lost it..but someone comes in my room and knocks stuff around and now it's gone...UGH!

really really reaaaaaally irritated

Day 30 of 365, 11 more months to go! So this is going to be my logo. It was SUPPOSED to be colored and neat and clean but...can't do that without my pen. So here's the sketch version for now

*grumbles* I'll get you the completed version as soon as I find that pen.  I may be messy but I have things organized in the way I want them to it really rubs me the wrong way when my stuff is just thrown around and messed with.

now I have a headache


Till next time suckas


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