Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a shocker

Yesterday was a fluke, I'm sorry.

I've now realized how talent is measured. I kinda slightly bombed a big chance I had all because of the level of skill I have as an artist.

I can't copy...I just can't do it. Even since I was little, I've never been able to copy other styles of art.

So because of that I believe I've lost an opportunity, but it was good to at least be able to realize this. There's nothing wrong that seeing something and wanting something like that in return

I'm just not your girl for that job....oh well...I will keep pressing on

So this frustration was taken out on the logo I've been trying to make. I had already drawn this once and it was so awesome...but suddenly that sketchbook that I needed disappeared!! Aargh!!! And now we're left with the crappy second version. Once I find that book, you'll get the better logo. I've been planning on making a banner for this blog and my Etsy store for a while...I just need to find that book...and Lord knows where it's at


So, Day 21 of 365 (by tomorrow we'll catch up...promise)

.....I really need to find that other sketchbook. 

Till next time suckas


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