Monday, May 9, 2011


Oh hey....hey there blog. Sorry I haven't been around a full time job and all

I haven't even picked up a pencil in weeks. Wow time really flies by! I do plan on drawing and coloring soon. Cuz I want to keep everyone happy and not lose my drawing skills. I have wifi at work so I'll post at least twice a empty promises I swear! I SWEAR!

I swear....

work is great though....trying to get friendly with the other ladies....for some reason they're weary of me? Whatevs I know I'm awesome!

anyways just wanted to post this so people realize that I do remember that I have a blog. Now back to waiting for my car to be fixed =__=

Peace out <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

oh yeaaah

Well last week was quite eventful! I had 2 interviews on Tuesday and by Friday I got both jobs! I of course am not going to take both but the one I wanted the most which is.....

working at Nordstrom suckas!! Whaaaat ahhh yeaaah!

I'm pretty excited, and I got a call from them today saying I start training tomorrow. Wasn't expecting that but you know what that's's going to be really nice getting paid again.

Really really nice. I might celebrate with my first paycheck with a new pair of shoes (or 2) haaaa.

Sewing has been going good but will probably come to a screeching halt for a couple weeks while I get situated at work. Plus I need to make some pants for myself....I'm thinking a pair of wide leg trousers will do. And some dresses too...hmm

Anyways! Pic of the week! This dress is actually not white anymore I decided to go for a more casual fabric to keep with the line. It's now made of a pink jersey fabric, and I can't WAIT to bead it (semi-sarcasm there) But seriously here it is.


That's all for now

Till next time suckas!


Monday, April 4, 2011

bouncing back?

ehhh I'm almost there. The past two weeks have been utter crap but I ain't here to talk about that!

I have to admit something to you all....I am the harshest critic of my own work. It's kind of ridiculous, but other artists are like this too right? Please tell me I'm not as nutty as I think!! Designing is like reading a book....there's the main plot, the battle, the sadness, the climax and then it's over.

Anyway I've only brought it up because in the middle of the most ridiculous rut. I stare at my dress form for hours and look at the piles of cut fabric around and it gives me a headache (boo hoo) but I think I had a break through today...

I've been forcing myself into some sort of mold AH HA I got it. Silly Chadae, I should know that I of all people don't fit into a mold and yes even fashion has molds. Well dammit I wont conform! I refuse!

So I'm really hoping after this realization I'll be able to have fun when I design again....cuz lately it has not.

Wish me luck peeps <3

Here is the pic of the week that I forgot to post last week!


Oh la la Ms. Haru. I am pretty sure I'm going to be making this dress. I really love the design! I also wish I can get my hands on some awesome print fabric or was able to make them myself!

Any suggestions?

Well till next time suckas!

Peace <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

back on the market

I just realized I wanted to post and did not bring my colored pic with me! Oh nooooo sorry guys :-(

No internet don't know when I'll be getting it back....I'm going to be honest, it's irritating

Anyway, so all job prospects have been dumped into a stinking dumpster. Por que? Ha ha my 'boss' decides she doesn't want to contact me for a month and when I make the move to contact her and finally get in touch I find out that she's in Hong Kong (and then she sent me a nasty email saying she didn't need me anymore because I woke her up?! I didn't know you were in China you punk!). Thanks for letting me know. So it's back to square one *sigh

*heavy sigh

Well anyway, I really wanted to post a pic today...waaahhh. Next time!!

Till next time suckas


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ok...ok...ok so today I wont be posting the Piece of the Week (really...really gotta work on that title) I am so sorry! I've actually been kind of busy and I also got my internet taken away for a few days. I'm on my roommate's computer at the moment, but really it's a pain to run back and forth from my house to her mom's so I will just wait till next week to post. Don't worry you will see that skirt! I'll probably post it up midweek next week. THAT'S A PROMISE <3

Also, I'm having a tough time getting used to my sewing room....I think it's because I hate the color of the room (baby blue....ehh). I'll take a picture so you can see it but bleh. Time to stop by Lowe's and grab some paint chips!!!

Another project I am going to undertake is weaving! I learned it in school and instantly fell in love. I searched the internet and found a way to make a frame loom. Once I get some dough I'm going to make a 4'x6' loom

And one last thing. I normally don't like to talk about myself too much hear but I guess I would like I have a skin condition called eczema (fairly common) and I went to the allergist to see if anything I was eating could be causing problems....

.....Weeeell turns out I'm allergic to more foods than I thought. I'll save you the gory details but I have now become a vegetarian (who can't eat soy). So now I've been looking for recipes etc and I need a little help because well I was a hardcore omnivore till Wednesday.

So any recipes etc would be awesome my lovelies.

I'll post my progress here too....I dunno help other new vegetarians like me

Sorry for the huge post about nothing!

Till next time

Peace suckas

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

beware the ides of maaaaarch

OH HO HO I'm back suckas.

Things have and I've done a lot of thinking about my life and such and you know sometimes it's better to not think.

Ehh, I'll get back to it eventually right? Yes.

Like I promised a couple months back I will post twice a week. On Mondays it will be a lovely drawing and on Fridays (or Saturdays) it'll be kind of a Make of the Week type deal. I'm challenging myself this Spring/Summer to make a garment per week some days will be a cop out (like if I make a shirt or whatever) but others will be spectacular. Um, I will be doing a variety of vintage remakes and original awesome makes. I'm kinda really excited about all this.

ARE YOU EXCITED? Cuz you should be :-)

Also definitely thinking I'm going to change the layout of the blog can only look at that color of pink for so long. And this is from someone who is crazy about pink.

So here it is the Pic of the Week <3

This is from my Spring Collection 'Sirens'  here is Ms. Sadee wearing the latest fashions~

A bathing suit top and a chiffon skirt. I originally was going to make this and sell it on Etsy but my mother gave me an awesome idea of making it for myself. There have been plenty of times where I get complimented on something I made and it's kinda awesome haha. So I'll market myself that way till Fall when I'm getting serious (aka this summer). I will be making the skirt for the Item of the Week (I'm not good at the bathing suit top MIGHT come later haha....we'll see about that hahahahahahahaha..ahh..*clears throat.

Well! That's it for today 

Till next time suckas 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I finally am working, well not for pay BUT it's work and experience and I cannot be mad at that. I am a Visual Merchandiser/Manager Marketing Executive Apprentice....I know, but it's going to be a lot of work and I am super excited to get started *rubs sleep out of eye

So sorry this blog has been neglected. In a few weeks I am going to begin posting at least twice a week, probably monday and friday. On Mondays it'll be illustrations and on Fridays it'll be a look of the week.

Please look forward to it

And I will do it and you'll be excited

Also I am launching my line at the end of Feb early March...or mid March...definitely March.

Peace out suckas <3
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