Friday, June 18, 2010

the cuties

I love love love my turtles. They are so awesome. I got them  into the big tank today and they're loving it (even though it's pretty bare...I still need alot of things).

They do have names. I've decided they're both boys...and when the time comes and I find out their sex...they will still keep these names

Everyone meet Miroku and Tsuka

Yessss, these are my babies. In the clearer picture Miroku (the bigger one) is on the left. Tsuka (the smaller one) is on the right.

As of now Miroku is very energetic, loves to swim and sit at the bottom of the tank. Tsuka on the other hand is very mellow, loves to bask and float around the tank.

I love them both so much haha.

About their names...I did name them after some *cough* characters. Look up Miroku on the good ol' Google to see who he is

As for Tsuka, he belongs to me...and this brings us to Day 4 of 365!! Tsuka Anoya

Their personalities match (Tsuka the turtle..and Tsuka..the character) awww I love them both

Okay I promise no more turtle gushing until they're used to me (they're both you can see in the photos)

till next time suckas!

Peace <3

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