Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi! I'm baaaaack! I had an awesome day yesterday...and man am I beat! 

Good news everyone! I found my Wacom pen! All is not lost! I also got my boxes too! Time to start packing'll be nice to see the carpet in my bedroom again. 

Now since my Wacom pen is back and I can go back to being the normal digital artist that I am, I present to you day 32 of 365, the afrodesiac logo (yes...afrodesiac is NOT uppercase...why? Because I don't like's still the name and it's's just not spelled with a capital letter...get it?)

What I like about this logo is that it's interchangeable...meaning I can put whatever pattern color or what behind it. Ahh, I love vectors!

Till next time suckas


(p.s there will be a surprise tune in!!)
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