Friday, June 25, 2010

she's a dancin' machine

Oh that's right...

I dedicate this post to the late Michael Jackson

Why? know why. 

Ok seriously I could go on for days if you got me going, but I I decided to share with you one of my favorite performances of his. This was so hard to whittle down...because not only are there so many...they're all AMAZING

I love Michael Jackson, he literally is my favorite artist. So many focus on the latter part of his career and that's so wrong...look at his career as a whole and you'll be blown away


Ok you CANNOT sit there straight face and tell me that boy ain't the baddest there is...seriously try to do it.

(if that doesn't's the link to the video :-) The Jackson 5- Dancing Machine 1973 )

Now down to business before I start ranting and raving..and screaming like a fangirl....haa

Day 11 of 365, Javia in my second photo shoot outfit.

 It's comprised of this really awesome metallic fabric I saved from 2 years ago and chains...straight up hardware store chains.


I also looked much better before I colored her hair...sometimes markers loathe me.

Till next time suckas!


p.s I love you Michael Jackson...forever and ever

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