Friday, April 1, 2011

back on the market

I just realized I wanted to post and did not bring my colored pic with me! Oh nooooo sorry guys :-(

No internet don't know when I'll be getting it back....I'm going to be honest, it's irritating

Anyway, so all job prospects have been dumped into a stinking dumpster. Por que? Ha ha my 'boss' decides she doesn't want to contact me for a month and when I make the move to contact her and finally get in touch I find out that she's in Hong Kong (and then she sent me a nasty email saying she didn't need me anymore because I woke her up?! I didn't know you were in China you punk!). Thanks for letting me know. So it's back to square one *sigh

*heavy sigh

Well anyway, I really wanted to post a pic today...waaahhh. Next time!!

Till next time suckas

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