Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the hoarder

I have a confession to make....I am a fabric hoarder.

Now, I know what you're thinking...you sew! Yes this is true...but it's starting to get bad

If this continues you will be seeing me on t.v. surrounded by bags and boxes filled with fabric (and scraps of fabric) my poor turtles will be shoved in a corner and I'll keep saying things like 'I'll use it soon!', 'You can't throw out fabric you'll never know what it could be used for!!'

this is going to be in about a year.

So I've started to moderate myself...only getting what I need and what I know I'll use in at least 3 months...

At the moment I have nearly as much fabric as I do clothes (and I have alot of clothes...)

Turtle update: They swim at me now! When I turn over in bed or when I sit on the edge of my bed they will swim towards me...it's SO cute!

All right you almost didn't get a drawing today but it's been a trying day sewing wise so I want to do anything else BUT that ha ha..haa....Day 15 of 365

It's Haru! In a lace white shoulder dress I'm thinking about making for myself...we'll see about that haha

If anyone wants this dress for themselves...just ask. I will make it...(thus the whole fabric topic)

Till next time suckas


Monday, June 28, 2010

creativity cramp

Sorry, no time for a real drawing today...and yes I know..I am aware today is the colored picture day. Well I'll give you 2 next week..how about that?

This dress is killing me...spent all day on it and didn't get anywhere really. So I've given up and I'm just going to go with my first idea...no point in stretching THAT out...

Day 14 of 365, this is how I feel right now

Yup...pretty blah.

Till next time suckas


(I promise after the 1st the posts wont be so lackluster....)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

stage 2: still busy

Good Lord does time fly when you have things to do...

Though I must say it is weird having a deadline but having all the time to do it...I could stay up all night if I want

Let's see if I say that tomorrow and Tuesday when it's strictly sewing days.

I really think I'm going to start making homemade gifts for folks. I went to a bridal shower today, and I made everything I gave her (except the incense) even the bag I made! Ho hoooo crafty crafty me

Ok down to business because I would like to get started on sewing and I'm still cutting out facing (guh...takes me forEVER to pattern and cut!)

Day 13 of 365, I suppose I'll introduce the boys sporadically at the moment...by next week I'll be introducing them one after the other (and I'll do the kids next week too!..there are only 2 guys after this one)

This is Rain 

All right so I'm not putting myself down, but my girls are definitely better than my boys. So this will definitely be a journey of improvement on drawing males (and their broad shoulders, square hands and faces...BUH!)

Till next time suckas!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

no time to spare


It's not like I forgot to draw...I just was so busy that all I could draw was this....it's a cop out

Day 12 of 365 (hey never said they'd be good...I'm kidding, I will try my best..but this may happen from time to time, my apologies!)

It's me....as a cartoon <3 bawwww aren't I cute?? If you ever want me to draw you this way, just ask..it'll literally take me 5 minutes

All right, back to designing....

Till next time suckas


Friday, June 25, 2010

she's a dancin' machine

Oh that's right...

I dedicate this post to the late Michael Jackson


Pssh...you know why. 

Ok seriously I could go on for days if you got me going, but I wont....so I decided to share with you one of my favorite performances of his. This was so hard to whittle down...because not only are there so many...they're all AMAZING

I love Michael Jackson, he literally is my favorite artist. So many focus on the latter part of his career and that's so wrong...look at his career as a whole and you'll be blown away


Ok you CANNOT sit there straight face and tell me that boy ain't the baddest there is...seriously try to do it.

(if that doesn't work...here's the link to the video :-) The Jackson 5- Dancing Machine 1973 )

Now down to business before I start ranting and raving..and screaming like a fangirl....haa

Day 11 of 365, Javia in my second photo shoot outfit.

 It's comprised of this really awesome metallic fabric I saved from 2 years ago and chains...straight up hardware store chains.


I also apologize...it looked much better before I colored her hair...sometimes markers loathe me.

Till next time suckas!


p.s I love you Michael Jackson...forever and ever

Thursday, June 24, 2010

gah, creativity cramp

I've taken on a small project....one which I am delighted to participate in because I've never been approached for my work yet (kind of...depressing..*cough..anyway!)

So I'm making 2 (possibly 3) dresses for two photoshoots.


...but then my brain shut down on 'cute' designs. CRAP! Idle brains really do stink...I was just getting back into the groove too..and I've hit a pothole.

I got at least one dress down..the other I think I'll have to make up as I go (ehh..)

so here it is Day 10 of 365....redheads do look good in red <3

If you couldn't tell this actually the girl from yesterday's post, Echo. I really like redheads, they're always very cute to me (well within REASON) and I think it's a crime that most of them have been told that they don't look good in red. 


It's jealousy I tell ya! If you're a redhead and have been told that just reply 'just because you can't wear wont stop me'

and repeat if needed <3

Till next time suckas!

Peace <3

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the bee's knees

After two weeks of being too busy (and in pain) to work out, I finally jumped on the bike and took my 6.5 mile ride

and a bee flew in my mouth

Awesome start.

Day 9 of 365!! Echo!

So I'm really into the 70s style..actually I'm really into anything that is anything pre-70s. Why? Cuz I love old clothes (old things...I'm getting used to them...old people..I kid I kid, I like old people when they're nice)

Till next time suckas


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

out for the count

Migraine for 6 hours today...totally bogus.

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet since I'm a bit drained aaand I really should finish my laundry and clean my room (that I had to postpone for 6 HOURS..ugh..the weather.)

Oh, before we get down to business, Father's Day pics! 

I was glad that it fit so well (they were actually too big...thank goodness for drawstrings and a tie belt). Aww ain't he cute? I made him pose. 

All right! Day 8 of 365, the lovely Haru!


Um...I hate the formatting on here, ah ha ha. Anyways. Yes, she does have correct proportions. But that wont last...sorry I like my 9 head figures (more like 10 ho ho). Also, I like drawing my girls curvy! Gotta represent! Yah kna what I mean??? Heh heh...sure you do.

Till next time suckas


Monday, June 21, 2010

sometimes i disappoint

I'll admit two things right off the bat.

1. I cannot help but please my friends
2. I have a hard time letting go

Normally, as I've just stated, I don't like to disappoint my friends. Usually it's in fear of losing them or have them angry with me. I also can be a little dramatic (thinking wise...don't get crazy now). So I stretch myself so far out that in the end I'm the one stressed and burnt out. No more. 

I love you San Francisco, but we can't keep doing this. 

....meaning to all those lovely people, you know exactly who you are, that I promised I'd drive up and visit...I cannot.

My priorities are always out of order, and I'm finally getting them straight. NOT saying that you don't mean anything to me, you guys mean ALOT to me...I couldn't have made it through without you...and I'm serious about that

Though saying this, if anyone is willing to meet halfway, I'd be more than happy to see you. But pretty much if you don't live with 2 hours of me...I ain't gonna make it. 

'Dems the breaks <3

Okay, so it's Day 7 of 365 meaning...it's COLORED PICTURE DAY whooo!!

This is a quilt design..a.k.a Chadae is incredibly ambitious (almost too ambitious) and is going to drive herself up the wall making this quilt. It's going to be my first quilt. I didn't put the border around, and the fabric is tentative..but if I can find that black fabric I will be stoooooked.

This is going to be...interesting.

p.s I know I was supposed to put up pics of my dad in his gift. I'll do it tomorrow, promise <3

Till next time suckas


Sunday, June 20, 2010

it's for the fajas

Happy Papa's Day!!!

My dad is awesome, I'm just saying. He's a pretty cool guy, even though he can be incredibly dorky at times (but for real tho)

I finished his gift about an hour ago and had my brother try it on. I must say, it's pretty snazzy. Pictures will be posted tomorrow, since my dad won't be here till late (he has to work EVERY holiday...seriously) soo no pics until he's here. Plus the gift doesn't look good unless it's on a body.

...I made him pajamas <3

Oh and you heard it here second (I posted this on FB last night)...I am moving to Atlanta, Georgia the week after Labor Day  (probably like the next day or two haha). I've never been to Georgia..or for that matter the East Coast besides NYC. It's going to be a great adventure (I am driving cross-country with my two buddies...Miroku and Tsuka) and I'm pretty excited.

Why? I'm going to go to grad school out there.

Again why? California is just not working out..and plus how am I going to let THAT opportunity just slide by. Never...

Ok! Well now that that's all said and done it's time for Day 6 of 365!!! Whoo!!! This is Brigette

She is the only character that I've actually modeled after a real person. Brigette is modeled after a good friend of mine in both personality and looks <3

Hats are difficult...I'll work on that...and my perspective..


Till next time suckas


Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've been sewing all day...so I'm pretty bored and tired. Eh. I want to go out somewhere and have a couple drinks..but alas, I am poor and cannot do so.

I'm beginning to count down the days till I move. Yay.

Day 5 of 365, Makaila


I hate when I feel irritated or ungrateful for no reason..haha...tomorrow is another day I suppose <3


Friday, June 18, 2010

the cuties

I love love love my turtles. They are so awesome. I got them  into the big tank today and they're loving it (even though it's pretty bare...I still need alot of things).

They do have names. I've decided they're both boys...and when the time comes and I find out their sex...they will still keep these names

Everyone meet Miroku and Tsuka

Yessss, these are my babies. In the clearer picture Miroku (the bigger one) is on the left. Tsuka (the smaller one) is on the right.

As of now Miroku is very energetic, loves to swim and sit at the bottom of the tank. Tsuka on the other hand is very mellow, loves to bask and float around the tank.

I love them both so much haha.

About their names...I did name them after some *cough* characters. Look up Miroku on the good ol' Google to see who he is

As for Tsuka, he belongs to me...and this brings us to Day 4 of 365!! Tsuka Anoya

Their personalities match (Tsuka the turtle..and Tsuka..the character) awww I love them both

Okay I promise no more turtle gushing until they're used to me (they're both shy..as you can see in the photos)

till next time suckas!

Peace <3

Thursday, June 17, 2010

a gift

Ok, so I had a different topic all lined up and rearing to go

and then a few hours ago my dad walked in....inside a clear container were two tiny turtles

I haven't squealed in delight in such a long time....oh my, I now own two ADORABLE turtles

yessssss...dreams can come true

That being said, I don't know their sex yet, let alone what kind of turtles they are. I'm going to take some pics of them soon...I was playing with them and I forgot I had to draw! Both of them are very awesome and I'm already in love with them

my sweet sweet suckas.

so expect turtle love tomorrow <3

...and btw, congrats once again Lakers...sorry Celtics fans 

Ok, Day 3 of 365, this is Evan <3

I'm going to be frank with you all (haha get it? Frank? Like my last name? Nevermind...>>). I am trying to get better at drawing different ethnicities. With my style it is...difficult. So Evan is supposed to be Asian, Javia is black,  Sadee is actually a mix of European and Native American (what a mix <3) and the other girls well I'll tell you later.  It's going to be a journey.

Till tomorrow my loves

Peace <3

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

crochet crochet

So, anyone else bombarded by summer weddings this year? I say bombarded because I'm going to two in one month....though I haven't even been to a wedding since 2007 (and those weddings were in the same month as well..strange) ah, never a bridesmaid!...yet. I'm just waiting for those other friends of mine *cough* to drop the bomb on me..it'll happen eventually.

Anyways, so I'm not a rich person...and I've decided the best way to show my best wishes to these couples is to make something for them. Screw store bought things (though yeah, I never did look at their registry..not like I'm making a crock-pot or anything), people want things made from the heart! So, I'm crocheting.

I do love crocheting guys, but Lord help me if I turn into one of them. You know who I'm talking about. Always having some sort of awkward conversation with you and then making a craft related joke that doesn't even fit in? Then the two of you stand around with thick air before you slowly walk away. If I even start to sound like that...shoot me..and make it painful please <3

Down to business, Day 2, June 16th...I present to you: Sadee Eugene <3

mmm...does that look fuzzy? Uh *clears throat* so Sadee...she dresses alot like how I want to dress...well exactly like I want to dress <3

I love her style <3

That's all for today! Tune in tomorrow my loves <3

p.s I will show you what I'm making after the weddings <3


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so this is the beginning


Okay first off I apologize for this being so so basic....I gotta learn some HTML stuff before I can make it look decent and not...boring <3

I'm just going to get going with this. From today until this very day next year you all will be graced with an illustration a day. Yay!!..Whooo!! 

What's the meaning of this? For you..uhm...<3...for me I get to practice and now that I'm out of school it's nice to have a few people look at your work..(you can critique if you want but you don't have to...). So! In these next couple of weeks it's going to be an introduction. Y'see, there are several 'girls' and 'boys' (and 'kids') I draw as my fashion croquis. And let's face it, I'm a nerd...so each and everyone of them have names (etc)

they're my babies (oh what is a single girl to do??)

Soooo, June 15th is the start of 365 days of Illustration! Day 1 starts off with Javia!

Oh? It's in B&W? Yeah...sorry at least once a week I promise to do a color picture (yes even during this introduction week). If it makes you feel any better, she's black (check my facebook if you're able...she's in there <3 )

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow! Sadee is next <3
(again I apologize for the basic-ness...it will get better I promise)

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