Thursday, June 24, 2010

gah, creativity cramp

I've taken on a small which I am delighted to participate in because I've never been approached for my work yet (kind of...depressing..*cough..anyway!)

So I'm making 2 (possibly 3) dresses for two photoshoots.


...but then my brain shut down on 'cute' designs. CRAP! Idle brains really do stink...I was just getting back into the groove too..and I've hit a pothole.

I got at least one dress down..the other I think I'll have to make up as I go (ehh..)

so here it is Day 10 of 365....redheads do look good in red <3

If you couldn't tell this actually the girl from yesterday's post, Echo. I really like redheads, they're always very cute to me (well within REASON) and I think it's a crime that most of them have been told that they don't look good in red. 


It's jealousy I tell ya! If you're a redhead and have been told that just reply 'just because you can't wear wont stop me'

and repeat if needed <3

Till next time suckas!

Peace <3

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