Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so this is the beginning


Okay first off I apologize for this being so so basic....I gotta learn some HTML stuff before I can make it look decent and not...boring <3

I'm just going to get going with this. From today until this very day next year you all will be graced with an illustration a day. Yay!!..Whooo!! 

What's the meaning of this? For you..uhm...<3...for me I get to practice and now that I'm out of school it's nice to have a few people look at your work..(you can critique if you want but you don't have to...). So! In these next couple of weeks it's going to be an introduction. Y'see, there are several 'girls' and 'boys' (and 'kids') I draw as my fashion croquis. And let's face it, I'm a nerd...so each and everyone of them have names (etc)

they're my babies (oh what is a single girl to do??)

Soooo, June 15th is the start of 365 days of Illustration! Day 1 starts off with Javia!

Oh? It's in B&W? Yeah...sorry at least once a week I promise to do a color picture (yes even during this introduction week). If it makes you feel any better, she's black (check my facebook if you're able...she's in there <3 )

Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow! Sadee is next <3
(again I apologize for the basic-ness...it will get better I promise)


  1. There's a lot of pink in here. Oh well. Uh oh... I thought there would be more vests to try on. I'll give you some time to build a pallet. Good luck with the blog!

  2. I know...it'll be toned down later on..this is the most basic I could stand without it looking gross haha. Hey, I told you when I get the girl stuff down, I'll venture over to mens. Tho, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get some patterns from the thrift store...*scratches chin

    thanks <3


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