Sunday, June 20, 2010

it's for the fajas

Happy Papa's Day!!!

My dad is awesome, I'm just saying. He's a pretty cool guy, even though he can be incredibly dorky at times (but for real tho)

I finished his gift about an hour ago and had my brother try it on. I must say, it's pretty snazzy. Pictures will be posted tomorrow, since my dad won't be here till late (he has to work EVERY holiday...seriously) soo no pics until he's here. Plus the gift doesn't look good unless it's on a body.

...I made him pajamas <3

Oh and you heard it here second (I posted this on FB last night)...I am moving to Atlanta, Georgia the week after Labor Day  (probably like the next day or two haha). I've never been to Georgia..or for that matter the East Coast besides NYC. It's going to be a great adventure (I am driving cross-country with my two buddies...Miroku and Tsuka) and I'm pretty excited.

Why? I'm going to go to grad school out there.

Again why? California is just not working out..and plus how am I going to let THAT opportunity just slide by. Never...

Ok! Well now that that's all said and done it's time for Day 6 of 365!!! Whoo!!! This is Brigette

She is the only character that I've actually modeled after a real person. Brigette is modeled after a good friend of mine in both personality and looks <3

Hats are difficult...I'll work on that...and my perspective..


Till next time suckas


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