Monday, June 21, 2010

sometimes i disappoint

I'll admit two things right off the bat.

1. I cannot help but please my friends
2. I have a hard time letting go

Normally, as I've just stated, I don't like to disappoint my friends. Usually it's in fear of losing them or have them angry with me. I also can be a little dramatic (thinking wise...don't get crazy now). So I stretch myself so far out that in the end I'm the one stressed and burnt out. No more. 

I love you San Francisco, but we can't keep doing this. 

....meaning to all those lovely people, you know exactly who you are, that I promised I'd drive up and visit...I cannot.

My priorities are always out of order, and I'm finally getting them straight. NOT saying that you don't mean anything to me, you guys mean ALOT to me...I couldn't have made it through without you...and I'm serious about that

Though saying this, if anyone is willing to meet halfway, I'd be more than happy to see you. But pretty much if you don't live with 2 hours of me...I ain't gonna make it. 

'Dems the breaks <3

Okay, so it's Day 7 of 365's COLORED PICTURE DAY whooo!!

This is a quilt design..a.k.a Chadae is incredibly ambitious (almost too ambitious) and is going to drive herself up the wall making this quilt. It's going to be my first quilt. I didn't put the border around, and the fabric is tentative..but if I can find that black fabric I will be stoooooked.

This is going to be...interesting.

p.s I know I was supposed to put up pics of my dad in his gift. I'll do it tomorrow, promise <3

Till next time suckas



  1. Well girl, if you need any pointers in the quilt department I've go you covered! Lemme know!!

  2. LOVE IT!! I was just bragging at work today about what an amazing fashionista you are! I wish I had half the talent that you have! Lindsey

  3. Aww thanks guys! Emily I'll definitely need some pointers. It looks like I'm going to have to applique big parts of it, and quilt together other part.

    Lindsey, haha you're so sweet!! Thanks so much <3


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