Sunday, June 27, 2010

stage 2: still busy

Good Lord does time fly when you have things to do...

Though I must say it is weird having a deadline but having all the time to do it...I could stay up all night if I want

Let's see if I say that tomorrow and Tuesday when it's strictly sewing days.

I really think I'm going to start making homemade gifts for folks. I went to a bridal shower today, and I made everything I gave her (except the incense) even the bag I made! Ho hoooo crafty crafty me

Ok down to business because I would like to get started on sewing and I'm still cutting out facing (guh...takes me forEVER to pattern and cut!)

Day 13 of 365, I suppose I'll introduce the boys sporadically at the next week I'll be introducing them one after the other (and I'll do the kids next week too!..there are only 2 guys after this one)

This is Rain 

All right so I'm not putting myself down, but my girls are definitely better than my boys. So this will definitely be a journey of improvement on drawing males (and their broad shoulders, square hands and faces...BUH!)

Till next time suckas!


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