Monday, April 11, 2011

oh yeaaah

Well last week was quite eventful! I had 2 interviews on Tuesday and by Friday I got both jobs! I of course am not going to take both but the one I wanted the most which is.....

working at Nordstrom suckas!! Whaaaat ahhh yeaaah!

I'm pretty excited, and I got a call from them today saying I start training tomorrow. Wasn't expecting that but you know what that's's going to be really nice getting paid again.

Really really nice. I might celebrate with my first paycheck with a new pair of shoes (or 2) haaaa.

Sewing has been going good but will probably come to a screeching halt for a couple weeks while I get situated at work. Plus I need to make some pants for myself....I'm thinking a pair of wide leg trousers will do. And some dresses too...hmm

Anyways! Pic of the week! This dress is actually not white anymore I decided to go for a more casual fabric to keep with the line. It's now made of a pink jersey fabric, and I can't WAIT to bead it (semi-sarcasm there) But seriously here it is.


That's all for now

Till next time suckas!



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