Friday, July 2, 2010

last two days what?

Okay, so I realize I didn't post for the past two days. Wednesday I was a mess finishing up my clothes for the photoshoot, and yesterday was the photoshoot.

It was awesome..and I even got to see a good friend for a couple of hours before getting ripped off in a parking garage (..I'm not THAT bitter about it..ha...ha). Once I get the photos I will be posting them up. I saw some of them when we were taking them and they are AWESOME!

All right so even though this is technically Day 18, I'm counting this as a make-up of 16 and 17 

...what I drew 2 drawings!

Ok so Day 16 and 17 of 365, a work in progress (it'll probably be done tomorrow or Monday)

For those who have seen my portfolio you will soon recognize where these outfits are from. Hey I had some extra fabric left so it's what I used for the shoot. The dress on Evan (on the right) is one of the 2 dresses from the shoot. 

This will be a special treat when I'm finished....yes.

Till next time suckas!


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